Tasteful entertainment

Tasteful entertainment

The wish of every couple about to get married is that all of their guests feel part of the wedding and that they play an active role in the success of the event, thus, the entertainers are fundamental for this to take place.

During the many weddings that we have taken part in, we have learned to recognise every kind of guest: from the exuberant aunt to the emotional best friends of the bride to the groom’s colleague who is tipsy after an aperitif.

However, there is always one guest who is ever present: the loner.

We’re talking about the typical guest who sits through the whole reception and looks on from his privileged observational point, his table, without ever participating. Whoever tries to include him in the fun (aunts, uncles, grandma, the newlyweds, the President of the Republic, the Pope…), never has any luck.

Having this type of guest in mind, along with all the others, we have understood the necessity and importance of having entertainers on our staff. We are talking about qualified, professional Brazilian entertainers, who are dressed appropriately for the event with a smile and good manners, able to involve guests of all ages, from the most outgoing to the shyest.

The high points of your wedding in Apulia will be lead, not just by our expert wedding bands (Shaker Band, Felix Band, Anima Colors, Too Black), but also by our entertainers who can help you maintain the right atmosphere and ensure your guests have fun making your big day unforgettable.

Let yourselves be guided during the most upbeat dancing: salsa, merengue, unforgettable line dancing and romantic slow dances. Everything will have the right rhythm with Shaker Agency, and even the loner won’t be able to say no and will give in to the joy and congeniality of our Brazilian entertainers.

What could be better for the newlyweds than to see their closest family and friends with big smiles on their faces saying: “It was a wonderful party!”


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