Shows for the most extraordinary weddings

Shows for the most extraordinary weddings

When some people think of wedding entertainment, only think of live music, but we consider a wedding a big event and thus we propose real shows for weddings.

What special performances can you offer to you and your guests to make your reception unforgettable? With Shaker Agency, the choices are endless.

Why add shows to your wedding?

Everyone likes to celebrate and spend time with friends and relatives, especially on a special day like that of a wedding. What happens, however, is that when dinner and festivities go on for a long time, it is difficult to keep the special event atmosphere going for so many hours.
To keep the pace of the party and offer your guests an unforgettable experience, choose a wedding show to add to your special day.

Shows for weddings: a lot of choice with Shaker Agency

There are so many different proposals that we present to couples who rely on Shaker Agency. These, like the music of the live bands, are chosen according to the style of the wedding, to create moments of pure entertainment or to highlight the most exciting moments with artistic performances.

As for the music, in addition to the band that will accompany the entire reception, you can add moments with soloists, DJ sets or special performances from street bands, acoustic performers, Cuban music and much more.

Among the most evocative and elegant wedding shows are aerial dance, in which acrobats fly among coloured fabric suspended in the air, and sphere dancing or water ball, so defined because with the movements of the ballerina inside the sphere, it dances on water.
To make children happy, but not only, you can consider enriching your wedding party with jugglers, trampoliners and magicians.

Have you always dreamed of having your favourite singer perform at your wedding party? We can try to realize your dream with an impersonator.

These are just some of the ideas we can offer you. Contact us so that we can help you choose the best wedding shows for you!

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