Music for your wedding

When it comes to wedding music, it isn’t simply background music to your wedding, but the soundtrack of an unforgettable day for the newlyweds and all those who participate in their joy.

Whether you love the class of jazz, the depth of soul, the energy of rock, the folly of funk or the harmony of pop, know that anything is possible with Shaker Agency, even transforming the venue into a dance hall and letting loose with a DJ set of dance music from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, traditional Cuban music or reggaeton.

WIth the musical groups Shaker Band, Felix Band, Purple Band, Anima Colors, Too Black, Fatti in Italia,The Mirror, Fuego Band and Belli Freschi, Shaker Agency will make the wedding reception a unique show for any couple.

Would you like a party full of fun or a reception full of magical moments? Shaker Agency will interpret your tastes to offer you an original cocktail of music for weddings and entertainment.

Would you like to create a special moment at your event? Add the special performance of a solo singer or an impersonator who can let you live the emotions of your favorite singer or turn up the volume with a DJ set.

For those who want to personalize their choice of music during the civil or religious ceremony, Shaker Agency offers the possibility to have the soft accompaniment of a harp and violin, Egyptian trumpets, gospel choir or any other musical idea.

The Shaker Agency staff have a vast experience in listening to couples’ needs and great attention to detail which will ensure that the music planning phase of your wedding is precisely arranged.

Once on stage, musicians and artists will offer you the best of their creativity and you can relax and enjoy the show. You can rely on us to have everything your heart desires!

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