Music for the Ceremony: Religious or Civil, to each their own style

Music for the Ceremony: Religious or Civil, to each their own style

If you think that in a wedding there is not much choice when it comes to music for the ceremony, you are wrong. Whether it is religious or civil, there is much more than the classic wedding march waiting for you! Here are some of the alternative proposals we could evaluate together.

Music for ceremonies: how to innovate tradition

If you want to keep with tradition but in a modern key, don’t worry: nobody will take away your beloved wedding march, but you might want to think about honouring Richard Wagner’s original score with something more lively than the classic church organ by inserting new musical elements.

For those who want to create a tasteful atmosphere, Egyptian trumpets are ideal and are usually reserved for the end of the ceremony, when leaving the church, the city hall or any other location chosen for the wedding.

The choice of the harp and violin duo is of high class, which, in its essentiality, manages to entice everyone.

Those who love rock and dream of an electric guitar solo at the exchange of the rings, can perhaps make a little compromise and opt for the blues rhythms of a classical acoustic guitar.
Another interesting option for ceremonial music is the introduction of a gospel choir, a group of deep voices that interpret the classics of the American tradition.

A soloist can be added to any of these choices to give body to the notes of musical instruments.

These are just some of the proposals we offer to our couples.
Do you have any special dreams for the music at your wedding ceremony? Contact us, we will surely find the way to delight you!

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