Music for your parties

Every happy moment, every goal, every connection should be celebrated grandly.

Shaker Agency doesn’t only organize live entertainment for weddings and corporate events, but also dedicates itself to music for private parties.
Tell us about yourself, what kind of music you prefer and, above all, why this occasion is so important to you. We will offer you the ideal band for your party, the one that will entertain you, your friends and your relatives, engaging everyone.

All of Shaker Agency’s bands, Shaker Band, Felix Band, Purple Band, Anima Colors, Too Black, Fatti in Italia,The Mirror, Fuego Band and Belli Freschi, are made up of musicians with great talent and enthusiasm who can’t wait to contribute to the success of your party.

Depending on the event you are creating, you can also add moments of entertainment with dancers, impersonators, acrobats and jugglers.

You can offer a truly breathtaking show to your guests thanks to the wide choice of musical groups and artists made available by Shaker Agency!
Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, the celebration of a milestone, etc., Shaker Agency will always have the right music to make your celebration a special memory.

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