As you already know, the choice of music for your wedding reception is just as important as your wedding dress or party favours. Once you’ve chosen the church, location and decor, it becomes fundamental to frame the style of your wedding with music.

When you think of wedding music, you automatically imagine the reception when everyone is celebrating the happy couple and often the music for the bride’s entrance to the church or city hall is overlooked when in reality this is the most emotional and important moment of the day. It is the moment of “I do”, the moment when you declare your eternal love for each other.

Imagine a bride entering the church without the wedding march, in total silence. Surely the moment would be lacking significance and would seem a little “dull”. This is why the role of music is so important: it highlights every moment, making it all unforgettable.

Think about your wedding song: why did you choose it as the song to represent you as a couple? Probably because it reminds you of an important moment together like your first kiss, first dance or the moment when you got engaged. That song was playing in that exact moment and every time you hear it you can’t help but think of that day.

Shaker Agency’s job is just that, to make not only your wedding reception in Apulia unforgettable but also your ceremony.

During our first free meeting, you can tell us all about yourselves, your relationship, and the style you have planned for your wedding and we will carefully consider the best music for your ceremony. Would you like a classic wedding march but perhaps played on the violin or by a string orchestra? Or would you like to be accompanied to the alter with your favourite song played by an acoustic group? Or would you like an a cappella choir to enchant you and your guests?

Everything you can imagine for your ceremony is possible with Shaker Agency!

Contact us for a free consultation and discover the infinite possibilities for your special day.


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