A great show of emotions with the best artists for weddings and events

Whether it’s a wedding, an event or a private party, Shaker Agency aims to set up a show that is not simply watched but is lived fully by the guests.

The entertainment should amaze, capture everyone’s attention and make hearts beat, so we are always happy to offer innovative and talented artists to enhance weddings and events.

We offer a wide variety of artists for weddings and events: you can choose from dance and acrobatics, suggestive atmospheres and creative finds. What our artists put on stage are real moments of wonder in movement. Don’t miss them!


In aerial dance, dancers are suspended in mid-air and dance among coloured fabric in a spectacle of poetry and movement. These performances are always a moment of great intensity at a wedding or event.


On your special day you will be on cloud nine… and up in the clouds with you will be the trampoliners, ready to soar above the wedding to entertain you and your guests. A circus touch at a fairytale wedding!


Juggling remains one of the most loved attractions for adults and children alike. Create a playful moment at your event by giving space to these talented artists, able to captivate everyone with their art.


Have you ever thought that entertainment for a wedding or an event can also be a time to learn about new cultures? Among our proposals there is no shortage of performances by Cuban, Brazilian and international dancers and musicians, who stage choreographies that reflect the artistic traditions typical of their countries of origin.


Imagine the amazement of your friends and family with the appearance of a street band at your wedding: all of a sudden, a typical New Orleans style band will liven up the party with trumpets and percussion instruments, offering an instant charge of live music.


If you want to create a scene of great elegance between dance and art as a backdrop to a special moment of your wedding, you cannot do without sphere dancing: real magic in a transparent sphere, guided by the graceful movements of the performer inside.


Do you dream of having an impersonator of your favourite singer accompany the unveiling of your wedding cake? Of a comedian livens up the party by making everyone laugh? Or that a magic act spellbinds guests of all ages at your wedding? Anything is possible with Shaker Agency, just ask!


If photography isn’t enough to capture your emotions on your special day, treat yourself to a sketch artist who will know how to recreate the joyful expressions of you and your guests, leaving you with an artistic keepsake. And for who can’t be serious even on their wedding day, a caricaturist will know how to capture the funniest characteristics of the happy couple and transform them into a charming memento on paper.

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