Music has a thousand faces,
each one as special as
the people who choose us!

Shaker Agency was created from our desire to offer an engaging show that is elegant and personalised for any occasion, combining live music and captivating events through the performances of the best wedding and event artists in Apulia.

This innovative vision in the wedding and event entertainment industry has been laid down by the artistic direction of Debora Massari, the heart of Shaker Agency, together with Maurizio Rella.

The typical energy of the musical performances of Debora, front woman for the musical group Shaker Band, inspired the mood of Shaker Agency, giving life to a mix of elegance and liveliness, experience and innovation, planning and surprises made up of live music and creative artists.

The result is an exchange of energy able to involve all those present and provide extended moments of joy to remember forever.

Shaker Agency offers an ample selection of artists for weddings, business events and private parties.

Live music is the main ingredient in our original cocktail mix of fun and our bands can’t wait to interpret your emotions through a panorama of the most beautiful national and international songs.

To give a truly complete show,  Shaker Agency has expanded over time not only to musical talents but also to artists, dancers, acrobats, jugglers and entertainers of all kinds.

Today, Shaker Agency offers the best artists for weddings and events and, thanks to its staff, organizes hundreds of weddings and events every year in Apulia.

Even though Shaker Agency’s mix of music and entertainment is now widely known (collaudato) and appreciated, we never tire of discovering novelties and talents among artists for weddings and events with which to amaze our clients and their guests. This is who we are, we like to make sparks of joy appear in people’s eyes!

We have many faces but we are all united in a single cause: to make every event special.

We invite you to experience your special day with Shaker Agency’s artists for weddings and events!

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